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The Society for Tropical Veterinary Medicine (STVM) is a non profit organization whose purpose is the advancement of tropical veterinary medicine, hygiene and related disciplines. The activities of the Society focus scientific interest on strategies to deal with established and changing patterns of diseases affecting animals in the tropics. Tropical Veterinary Medicine has become an area of global importance as world trade continues to expand and the challenge of future research is to develop better diagnosis, treatment and control methods for tropical diseases of all livestock species. Significantly, a part of this is to understand the environmental variables which affect the host and disease interactions as well, and ultimately to support increased food production in the tropics.


The STVM is made up of scientists, veterinarians and students from more than 40 countries with common interests in tropical veterinary medicine. It was founded in 1978 as the American Society for Tropical Veterinary Medicine but proposed to become an international organization at its Biennial Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1991. A new constitution was drawn up with the name, Society for Tropical Veterinary Medicine, and was approved by the membership. Dr. Jim Williams, President of the Society, worked with an artist to develop the logo.


The primary activity of STVM is to sponsor a scientific meeting every 2 years at which time the latest advances in all aspects of tropical veterinary medicine, from treatment and control of animal diseases to trade regulations, are presented to an international audience. The meetings also promote international information exchange and collaboration. Meetings are held in different locations around the world and hosted locally by national agricultural organizations. The Society also maintains links with other organizations involved in tropical veterinary medicine.


The STVM encourages student participation in the organization and sponsors 2 student awards. The Norval-Young Award provides support for a student to attend the Biennial Meeting and the Career Development Award provides support for a training program in some area of tropical veterinary medicine.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in tropical veterinary medicine and related disciplines. For further information explore the website or contact one of the officers:



Prof. Christine Maritz (christine.maritz@up.ac.za)


Prof.  Marinda Oosthuizen (marinda.oosthuizen@up.ac.za)


Dr. Ard Nijhof (ArdMenzo.Nijhof@fu-berlin.de?)


Dr. Kelly Brayton (kbrayton@vetmed.wsu.edu)


Dr. Susan Noh (snoh@vetmed.wsu.edu)