The primary activity of STVM is to sponsor a scientific meeting every 2 years, at which time the latest advances in all aspects of tropical veterinary medicine, from treatment and control of animal diseases to trade regulations, are presented to an international audience. The meetings also promote international information exchange and collaboration. Meetings have been held in different locations around the world and are hosted locally by national agricultural organizations.


2009 biennial conference report



2009 Meeting         





10th Biennial Conference - STVM-2009


Theme:  "One Health, One Medicine: Building Bridges to Face the Challenge of Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases"

Venue: Media Docks, Lübeck, Germany

Dates:  June 28 - July 3, 2009

Dedicated to:  Dr. Thomas E. Walton, Jr.


Report on STVM-2009

2007 Meeting


9th Biennial Conference - STVM-2007


Theme:  "Animal Biodiversity & Emerging

           Diseases: Prediction & Prevention"

Venue: Fiesta Americana Hotel

                 Merida, Mexico

Dates:  June 17-22, 2007

Dedicated to:  Dr. Katherine Kocan


 2005 Meeting

Next STVM Meeting

8th Biennial Conference - STVM 2005


Hanoi, Vietnam

Theme: Impact of emerging zoonotic

diseases on animal health

Venue: Melia Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam

Date: June 26- July 1, 2005

Dedicated to: Dr. Jim Williams



2003 Meeting

Last STVM Meeting

7th Biennial Conference - STVM 2003


Theme: Impact of ecological changes on tropical animal health and disease control

Venue: Mabu Thermas Hotel and Resort, Foz de Iguaçu, Brazil

Date: June 22-27, 2003

Dedicated to: Dr. Connie Yunker


Past Meetings